Friday, April 4, 2014


I am laughing and laughing looking at this picture! So cute! Reminds me of the wolf in the fairy-tale - pretending to be grandma! :D

***A comment I was left on Flickr ……Purrfect fit!

While busily de-cluttering the house, my painting got put aside and so for this week I'm sharing this picture of Elliot (Elly Angel) all dressed up like Grandma ~^..^~ and a quote by E.B. White.

This is my second round of Spring Cleaning for this year and more scheduled before those brightly yellow daffodils are dancing in my garden. Yesterday, my husband and daughter helped me pack the truck and bring boxes of  stuff, a collection of tv's and even a much loved wire bird cage ( don't believe in caged birds) for donation to "HOUSE OF LAZARUS" in Mountain….my favourite thrift shop. I almost donated two wool coats but remembered I was saving them for Penny Mats so out they came from the clothes bag destined for HOUSE

Of course, once I was there I couldn't leave before I took one quick look around for artful elements : ) 
Didn't find any, thank God, however I did buy a book……"CHARLOTTE'S WEB" which jogged my memory to see through a commitment I never completed.
Sometime ago I  met a gal with her grandson named Frankie at the Salvation Army store in Kemptville and I had promised the little guy the book but silly me, absent minded old gal that I am lost their number. All that I recall is that she worked at the hospital so I suppose I could try that connection and see if I can get this fabulous book to him, if not , hopefully I'll meet up with them again: )

So ,while I may be preoccupied with daily chores of life it doesn't deter me from being inspired for the next  work of art. So instead of dreading the thought of dirt and dust filling my nostrils and head and just plain procrastination and talk about cleaning , it's quicker to get the job done and before you know it, a spacious room awaits with boundless possibilities .

Oh, and as you can see I revamped my website "Pastoraldreams" and my other website "Thewoodbeyondtheworld" (keeping two sites in case one gets lost :)

 The pictures of the Dandelion and Old Man's Beard are old imperfect photographs I took a while back, I just digitally enhanced them so I suppose they would count as digital paint, right?


Thanks for uploading this song cielzinnn

Thanks Eva and Kristin for hosting Paint Party Friday

Until Later ,


Leovi said...

Yes, I like this kitty, cool, funny and cute!

Faye said...

Love the dressed up cat! It doesn't look too happy, though. I'm trying to declutter too but I think it will take the rest of my life. I'm not sure that's how I want to spend my remaining time, but for my kids' sakes it needs to be done.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

That dressed up cat cracked me up, although I agree with Faye about her mood. I also smiled at your story about dropping off stuff at the thrift store, but looking around for something to buy. I do that all the time - LOL! Have a blessed week!

VonnyK said...

Poor kitty doesn't look too happy to be dressed up but it is really funny.
Taking things to the thrift shop is dangerous, I always come home with more than I took in!

Vanessa Morgan said...

I can't help but find cats in clothes hilariously funny. Poor cats, though.

Leovi said...

Thank you very much, the sun continues to shine with the beautiful music of Bob Marley!

Aga Gasiniak said...

thank you for such an inspiring and cheerful post, pleasure to read it. Have a lovely and creative week. Thank you for your like on fb, I really appreciate it!

Debbie said...

great quote!

Sometimes a haunting melody can make quiet an impression ~^..^~
Thanks to Vic Mizzy for creating such unforgettable soundtracks and to Hollis Kim for sharing this fab rendition of the Haunted Organ from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken ….will always luv listening to it, no matter the time of year but especially great in the month of October


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