Tuesday, June 4, 2019


When at the end of spring I pick for the last time
My favourite flowers— a yearning fills my breast,
And to the future I urgently appeal:
Let me but once again look upon the lilies of the valley.
Now they have faded. Like an arrow the summer has flown by,
The days have grown shorter. The feathered choir is still,
The sun more charily grants us its warmth and light,
And already the wood has laid its leafy carpet.
Then when harsh winter comes
And the forests don their snowy cover,
Despondently I roam and wait with new yearning
For the skies to shine with the sun of spring.
I find no pleasure in books, or conversation,
Or swift-rushing sledges, or the ball's noisy glitter,
Or Patti, or the theatre, or delicate cuisine,
Or the quiet crackling of smouldering logs on the fire
I wait for spring. And now the enchantress appears,
The wood has cast off its shroud
And prepares for us shade,
And the rivers start to flow, and the grove is filled with sound,
And at last the long-looked-for day is here!
Quick to the woods!—I race along the familiar path.
Can my dreams have come true, my longings be fulfilled?—
There he is! Bending to the earth, with trembling hand
I pluck the wondrous gift of the enchantress Spring.
O lily of the valley, why do you so please the eye?
Other flowers there are more sumptuous and grand,
With brighter colours and livelier patterns,
Yet they have not your mysterious fascination.
Where lies the secret of your charms? What do you prophesy to the soul?
With what do you attract me, with what gladden my heart?
Is it that you revive the ghost of former pleasures,
Or is it future bliss that you promise us?
I know not. But your balmy fragrance,
Like flowing wine, warms and intoxicates me,
Like music, it takes my breath away,
And like a flame of love, it suffuses my burning cheeks.
And I am happy while you bloom, modest lily of the valley,
The tedium of winter days has passed without a trace,
And oppressive thoughts are gone, and in my heart in languid comfort
Welcomes, with you, forgetfulness of trouble and woe.
Yet now you fade. Again in monotonous succession
The days will begin to flow slowly, and stronger than before
Will I be tormented by importunate yearning,
By the agonizing dream of the happiness of days in May.

And then someday spring again will call
And raise the living world out of its fetters.
But the hour will strike. I shall be no more among the living,
I shall meet, like everyone, my fated turn.
And then what?—Where, at the winged hour of death,
Will my soul, heeding its command, soundlessly soar?
No answer! Be silent, my restless mind,
You cannot guess what eternity holds for us.
But like all of nature, drawn by our thirst to live,
We call to you and wait, beautiful Spring!
The joys of earth are so near to us, so familiar—
The yawning maw of the grave so dark! ~ 

Spring is late this year but on a good note, it gave me a chance to pick my favorite flower...LILIES OF THE VALLEY and I was ☘️ to find this painting "Lady of Shallott" by Waterhouse.

Sunday, April 21, 2019


A wish come true. The Easter Bunny dropped in for a visit this morning on Easter Sunday.

 Happy Easter🐣🐥🐣🐥

Saturday, April 20, 2019


"Devenir Gris, Devenir Gris
Feel the rain like an English summer
Hear the notes from a distant song

Aaah, we fade to grey" There was a time I was young and getting old was so, so far away.

It is raining, again. I feel the rain in my bones but I adore it, its pitter-pattering on the window pane quiets my mind and I drift back.

 I was an eighties girl. I loved the music, the clubs, and dancing. Life was simple, never imperiled, easy and free to love. A youth, almost perfect then only now, I'm much older, timeworn, feeling the years, lost in a chilling world. I watched Notre Dame burn this week, I choked, my vision signed. So much loss : (

I did this illustration of a girl inspired by Modigliani.


Its titled "Visage ". A girl with a haunting, melancholic look..."two eyes staring cold and silent. "

It's a homage to Notre Dame Cathedral and the people of France.

Devenir gris
Devenir gris
One man on a lonely platform
One case sitting by his side
Two eyes staring cold and silent
Show fear as he turns to hide
Aaah, we fade to grey (fade to grey)
Aaah, we fade to grey (fade to grey)
Un homme dans une gare isolée
Une valise a ses cotés
Des yeux fixes et froids
Montre de la peur lorsqu'il
Se tourne pour se cacher
Aaah, we fade to grey (fade to grey)
Aaah, we fade to grey (fade to grey)
Sent la pluie comme un été Anglais
Entends les notes d'une chanson lointaine
Sortant de derriere d'un poster
Espérant que la vie ne fut aussi longue
Aaah, we fade to grey (fade to grey)
Aaah, we fade to grey (fade to grey)
Feel the rain like an English summer
Hear the notes from a distant song
Stepping out from a back shop poster
Wishing life wouldn't be so long

Below I'm sharing an amazing video of "Fade to Grey " remix done by:


Sunday, April 14, 2019


And the Moon and Stars Float, ever so Quiet, on Candy Floss Clouds 🌚✨☁️

There is not enough time in a day to do what you truly want to do. I like to think I started this painting in February but likely it was much earlier, can't remember. More importantly, it's finally done.
And now is a good moment for me to become truly mindful, learn the art of appreciating life at the moment ... "mindfulness is recognizing how extraordinarily special every moment of the present already is.” 

Like The Owl, The Cat, And The Hare have learned to see, hear and feel in their heart the beauty in the quiet of the full moon night.

Sometimes a haunting melody can make quiet an impression ~^..^~
Thanks to Vic Mizzy for creating such unforgettable soundtracks and to Hollis Kim for sharing this fab rendition of the Haunted Organ from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken ….will always luv listening to it, no matter the time of year but especially great in the month of October


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