Sunday, September 30, 2012

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, Mysterious and spooky, They’re all together ooky, The Pumpkin Family

What do you ………..see?

From left to right…..Pugsley, Wednesday and Pyewacket

Casper and Morticia 

They’re creepy and they’re kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They’re all together ooky,
The Pumpkin Family.

The Addams grew' em in their garden,
With seeds from old man Varden,
Thou nutty they got pardon,
The Pumpkin Family.

Their patch is a museum
Where people come to see ‘em
They really are a scream
The Pumpkin Family.

(Petite) …...( yoo-neek)

So get a witches shawl on
A broomstick you can crawl on
We’re gonna pay a call on
The Pumpkin Family.

Lyrics by Vic Mizzy……sorry Vic, just changed up a few words/ stanzas to fit this Bunch ; )

Neat, Sweet, Petite…..Yoo -Neek ~^!^~

Lurch, Gomez, Morticia, Thing, Uncle Fester, Grandma, Wednesday, Pugsley and cousin It……….. Oh , so very Unique!

Recently my husband participated in a Insights Discovery Course his company gave for their employees in attaining a better understanding of each of their own unique personalities as well as that of their fellow colleagues; hence establishing a better pro-active alliance in the work place rather then creating negative adversaries through lack of correctly identifying one's character.

The Insights System was built around the model of personality first identified by the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung and since this discovery his work has been carried on to the present day by researchers in better understanding the personality of human behaviour.

Once each individual's responses to the Insights Preference Evaluator were completed in the IDC course they were left with a clearer picture "of self understanding in both strengths and weaknesses which enabled the participating individuals to develop effective strategies for interaction, helping them better respond to the demands of their environment".

Surprisingly my husband's evaluation was spot on , both with his good and bad points given ; the exercise proved to be of great value to him and his work colleagues. Wouldn't it be lovely if schools , if not already doing so, give this exercise at an early school level, say grade 5, that's if they would also abide by the evaluation results of each person ,which undeniably always proves to be of a difficult challenge but none the less ,without doubt some good would come of it if implemented; maybe there be less bullying , better teacher pupil evaluations and more camaraderie amongst the student body….a little wishful thinking I suppose on my part.

Anyway, after reading hubby's profile and the Blue person he personifies I wondered what colour person I am or the colours my kids are partial to : ) …..(Will need to address that later in another post : )

And from there I continued to ponder on all the exotic eccentricities found in human or creature in Nature and through personal exploration deducted that most of us at one point in time , if not always, have our own little innocent bit of quirkiness and kookiness that make us the Yoo-Neek beings that we are and that's of course me included. Even the Addams family had their Neat, Sweet, Petite and very Yoo-Neek characters in their family.
And The Pumpkin Patch Family that grew in their garden, well lets just say they are a Very Special Bunch : )

Inspired by Nature both Human and Creature.
Inspired by a Kooky show I grew up watching as a little girl in the sixties " The Addams Family" …..and totally over the moon in love with composer writer Vic Mizzy's unforgettable musical scores and lyrics ie. (The Ghost and Mr. Chicken , The Spirit is Willing and The Addams Family to name a few of his very, without question unique pieces of work.

This Witch is In ….Content to be in her Cozy Home…...

Snug as a Little Pumpkin in the Middle of Ancient Volumes, reading her favourite Haunted Tales…...

You just never know what might fancy her next …..this Whimsical Kooky Old Witch named Annabelle

These Creepy, Kooky, Mysterious and Spooky and Cute Whimsical Fairytale Pumpkins will be available on Etsy very soon……

P.S. The eyes, their windows to their souls…personality descriptions to follow ; )

 ……. And I thought a gathering of a Creepy, Kooky, Mysterious and Spooky all together Ooky Bunch of Pumpkins more than suffices my appetite for a little quirkiness and kookiness for me this Halloween ~^..^~  



Linda said...

Awesome...I love it all. Only 30 more days to the best day of the year.

Saphire Rainforest said...

I love this!

Sometimes a haunting melody can make quiet an impression ~^..^~
Thanks to Vic Mizzy for creating such unforgettable soundtracks and to Hollis Kim for sharing this fab rendition of the Haunted Organ from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken ….will always luv listening to it, no matter the time of year but especially great in the month of October


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