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Either one loves art or doesn't. It's a matter of choice.

What one approves, another scorns,
And thus his nature each discloses;
You find the rosebush full of thorns,
I find the thorn bush full of roses.
                                                     ~ Arthur Guiterman

"Art attracts us only by what it reveals of our most secret self. ~ Jean-Luc Godard

While some mortals seek answers to earth's creation, others revere in it; in it's colours and hues, study it's contours and moods and observe the awesomeness of it's beautiful being. Some of the others are the painters who after examination of their world in every detail channel their singular interpretation through their painted landscapes. They emphasis the subtleties of nature that most of us often miss to notice. They remind us just how wonderful life is and never loose sight of its magnificent wonder.

I was so thrilled when I came across the artist Gary Bunt that I left him a message on his biography video on Youtube Gary Bunt Painter & Poet expressing my admiration for his work never really expecting any sort of reply from him only later to be pleasantly surprised in receiving an email from the artist himself. He graciously offered me two of his books and asked if I was interested in reading them. I couldn't believe my luck and of course I said yes! So, patiently I waited.

Finally, last Tuesday I received one of his books "Gary Bunt ~ The Long Way Round" a compilation of his paintings and I was beyond words and excitement. Not wanting to sound unappreciative and hoggish I wondered if that was the one and only book I’d be receiving since at the back of my mind I remembered he had mentioned 2 books. I asked my daughter what her thoughts were and she replied, "From his letter mom, it really sounds like there are two books coming your way."
By Wednesday morning, on our way in to town my husband stopped at the post office and soon after walked outside with another brown package that looked quiet similar to the one of the day before. He smiled and said "I think your artist kept his word, it has the same shipping address as the first one.
This time I received "By The Grace Of God Paintings and Poems By Gary Bunt. Again, I was a very happy gal with more books to read!

Gary Bunt's whimsical paintings of old folks and their pets, serene pastoral landscapes untouched by time, quaint old villages by the sea are some of the landscapes we wish for and dream of. I connected with Mr. Bunt's artwork because it simply revealed a lot of my old secret loves. I have found a friend who truly lives a life I love.

I have a favourite book I keep close on hand and from time to time read it to review all of it’s beautiful messages it tells. The book is by E.B. White called "Charlotte's Web".
Gary Bunt sent me along two very lovely books, each beautiful and magical like "Charlotte's Web" for they too hold special stories of love, faith, friendship and affection, life and miracles depicted and interpreted through his paintings and poetry.

I shall keep these books close by and when I feel like visiting a gallery featuring the works by Gary Bunt I only need to open the covers of these books and not worry about the vanished dream of the morning for it is already inside the pages of these books. Thank you Mr. Bunt for the gifts.
I shall treasure these books forever and pass them on to my kids.

Please do check Gary Bunt Painter & Poet  on Youtube.


In the morning (easier in focusing) I will add a few pictures of Gary Bunt's art work and poetry for you but I think these books should be in one's own library to be fully appreciated for their eternal beauty and message.


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