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~ MossHill Lighthouse at SeaMist Cove ~ new art work

Latest art work in my Art Bottle Series

~ MossHill Lighthouse and Bubbles the SeaHorse ~

If by chance you happen to anchor your boat by a lovely bay covered in velvet green, you know you have arrived at SeaMist Cove.
High up it's highest cliff is perched a lonely majestic stone turret lighthouse, many, many ages old, MossHill Lighthouse.

Every evening when the sea is cloaked in a zillion stars MossHill Lighthouse sends out illuminating rays of light creating a magical display of twinkling lights as if it is Christmas in July
and the moss rose that grows wild at it's foot climbs eagerly up the rocky facade of it's tower intoxicating the night air with it's sweet perfume , greeting the happy traveller of the sea safely into it's Cove.

SeaMist Cove holds a secret, a well kept secret. 
A magical place such as this , covered in a mossy coat, is a perfect veil to obscure view of a very precious treasure that it holds or should I say resides there.......Bubbles the fairy's seahorse.
Lucky is the one that lays their eyes upon it's iridescent bubbles in the sea green froth since rarely does a seahorse venture to the top of the water.But when one does catch glimpse of it's tiny, tiny bubbles of rainbow colors one must quickly make a wish and it has been told by the lucky few who've seen him,  that their wishes did come true.

I adore creating magical art with a story, even if just an itsy bitsy teenie weenie tiny little story. I also quickly weary of duplicates therefore I am a huge aficionado of ~of ~a ~ kind art work.

From unearthing old relics , weathered and worn, tattered and torn, I create something magical and whimsical, romantic and unforgettable embodying it with spirit and love , hoping in the end I have achieved in capturing one's heart.

This sea green glass vintage bottle has been lovingly wrapped in copper wire and encased with swarovski crystal beads to evoke the beautiful sea.The refractions of light from the morning sunlight make this gorgeous bottle twinkle it's own starry sea. All of it crafted with care and thought , from designing it to adhering the lighthouse on it's pinnacle with sculpted solder and then cleaned throughly and waxed for many years of enjoyment.

Approximate measurements : Height 10" x 4" at widest point
Hope you like ~ MossHill Lighthouse and Bubbles the Seahorse ~

Annabelle : )

Tid Bit : How Bubbles the Fairy's Seahorse's name came about.....Bubbles was M.J."s pet monkey ~ Bubbles ( the seahorse or sea monkey : )

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                       ~ Moss Hill Lighthouse and Bubbles the Fairy's Seahorse Art Vintage Bottle ~

Back of Lighthouse

"Bubbles" the Fairy's Seahorse

Handmade glass bubble bead with wild moss rose

Sea grass and Swarvoski crystal beads encased inside bottle

Sea Grass against a beautiful green 

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