Friday, July 29, 2011


It has been quite a while since I last participated in Paint Party Friday and my last submission was a  "Patch of Blue"; a night landscape of a crescent moon with a straggly tree on a knoll. 
I tried to place a sleeping critter beneath it but along the way, while we were off to Manitoba the painting changed direction and Dirt appeared; must have had something to do with the locality of where we took comfort for the few days we were there.

PineWood Lodge in the WhiteShell Provincial Park was a most satisfying escape and I would recommend it whole heartedly to anyone who wishes to find a secluded place for some tranquility and relaxation. Renting a cottage on the gorgeous serene Dorthy Lake with the occasional family of geese visiting does wonders for the mind and body and I suppose this is how Dirt came to be;  in any case I am very content with the end result.

Meet Dirt the ghost cat, my third instalment of characters for the little children's book I'm writing.

My reason for the lengthy absence from blog land.....we are moving! Will explain at a later date.

Please visit the other participants of Paint Party Friday......


Anonymous said...

oooo, love the ghost cat and I love that he is ghostly see through,, I think he's twitching his tail!!

Jehanne's doodles said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!! I really like it!

NatashaMay said...

So cute! I love everything cat related. :) Have a nice and easy move. :)

Jenny Blair said...

Such lovely colours and I love the ghostly effect you have created, transparent but radiating light at the same time :) Happy moving, hope it all goes smoothly for you x

The Woodwife said...

What a neat idea on the cat!! Love the colors too!!

craftattack said...

Lovely painting - nice to see you back again! Valerie

Dawn said...

Love this. The cat and stars remind me of the old foil pictures that you scratch. I adore cats so always the perfect subject for me lol Dxx

Geckostone said...

Your ghost cat Adalian is brilliant!!! What a great idea! I want to read the childrens book when you are finished!!! I'm writing one myself too!!!Happy PPF, it takes me all week to party!!!Deb

Faye said...

Annabelle, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your nice comment. Your cat painting is so cool. Looks like a load of fun. Sorry, but I can't read the writing against the black. I'm sure it's just my old eyes.

Anonymous said...

Very clever idea. I hope your moving goes smoothly. Thanks for sharing your sweet painting. Happy PPF. :-)

Gerri Herbst said...

So very yr painting. Happy PPF. take care, gerri

Tammie said...

your kitty is so cute. wishing you a move that feels good to you.

ThisTinder said...

Wow, I absolutely loved how you conveyed the transparent, ghost quality of the cat!

Sometimes a haunting melody can make quiet an impression ~^..^~
Thanks to Vic Mizzy for creating such unforgettable soundtracks and to Hollis Kim for sharing this fab rendition of the Haunted Organ from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken ….will always luv listening to it, no matter the time of year but especially great in the month of October


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