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Return of Happiness

The Lilly of the Valley...Return of Happiness

" This was one of my prayers: for a parcel of land not so very large, which should have a garden and a spring of ever-flowing water near the house, and a bit of woodland as well as these. " ~ Horace

Like Horace the Roman poet I too long for the same , only I may be a touch more demanding.

My garden of Dreams lies out in the open air , somewhere between an ocean and a wood, secluded in a pastoral rural landscape far from the maddening crowd that is steadily coming my way. Since the arrival of Spring I've been awakened by the sweet scent of the lilly I found near my door ; It summons my hidden affairs of the heart knowing quite well that I'll never escape from the want of the remote pastoral landscape that I lovingly long for.
Don't get me wrong for I do have a house and a yard, roughly a 1/2 acre which of course I'm  very lucky to own but it isn't the garden I dream of...for many reasons....and it will never be, although someday it will be for the next occupant of this home. Soon we will be looking for a secluded place far from the city in a beautiful remote area where I can dream and create to my heart's content ....there my garden will grow. 

Until then, these are  a few of the products of which makes one Happy, makes us Happy...makes me Happy....The Return of Happiness......

Happy is *** Family Group Photo of the Whimsical Wish Flower the Dandelion ***

Found this Sonnet on the net....I like Cheeky Missy's  writing, must do some further reading on that site for I am known to be partial to the ancient mariners; never really explore the modern day poets....maybe I should....Enjoy!

Sonnet #xcv   Lilly of the Valley

On dainty fragile stalks white waxy bells
No music play; whilst melodies surround,
Demurely silent hang their heads; whilst round
Them rise the other greens whose height excels,
Whose damsels' colour palettes o'er their swells
In lavenders and lemons, reds abound;
Yet in their brilliant rainbow ne'er is found
So rich a scent as yet as have these belles
Who fill, infuse the breeze, on wafting airs
Entice and tease. As maidens modest, sweet,
Ne'er boldly e'er parade nor voice they raise,
Yet play upon the senses softly; theirs
The love that's pure and clean; in white they greet,
As  brides their heads now bent to hear love's praise.
                                      by ~ Cheeky Missy
Lilly of the Valley image Wikipedia

Always keep a keen eye on those country drives, you never know what will greet you around the bend....

Happy Chance meeting these whimsical purple coneflowers-daisies growing up along a weathered wall of a barn.These lovelies happily make a good substitute to the real mccoy; especially great with Ottawa's water ban in place.....No Water Needed! Discovered on route to Merrickville one Saturday morning.

So HAPPY in finding this lovely Black Velvet petunia at Richmond Nursery.

Happy to see these lovelies ( Miniature Iris ) return each year more beautiful than before and so easy to care for.... my only compliant....too short lived. 

Another Happy Meet...Petunias were my grandma's ( on my dad's side) favourite. I hated these flowers when I was young, never could understand why so many gardeners loved I know....ease , beauty , variety, their scent and attraction to wildlife.

Happy day for the Bumble Bee.......

and his companion

Happy being near "Pretty in Pink "

sO Happy I discovered this Fairy's Tree...not sure what it is but if any of you know its secret name I would luv to know....on my list for my dream garden

May Apple Flower ....Happiness is sitting in a cool meadow of ethereal white and green.

Happiness is finding a tiny Karner Blue Butterfly sitting long enough to capture with my camera .

Happiness finding that Dark Red Calliope Geranium I enjoyed last year!

Happiness is having your Art Hearted......this Little Hobbit - Faerie's House was sent to a new home yesterday....Hope you like it Mary!

Happiness is a painted Daffodil..a symbol of Hope..and Hobbit's favourite colours of yellow and green.

A Heart and a spiral window....simple things make me Happy.

Happiness is  a twinkling door ...every time a different colour, purple....and then green

Happiness receiving a gift from a far away land over the sea....

More surprises from inside the package to come later.....Thanks a bunch cRAFT aTTACK.

Happy in contentment at being home with the family , both human and furry.....

Happiness will always be there, you only need a keen eye.....

Don't Worry be Happy!!!....Just had to say it...haha! 

Until tomorrow see you at PaintPartyFriday..will most definitely show you  some of my found treasures Kristin....haven't forgotten. Good Night!

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Sometimes a haunting melody can make quiet an impression ~^..^~
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