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Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars and Other Oddities ~ Inspiration Found in Glass and Wire

Where are the Spiders ???

I have been busy soldering and doing some stained glass in the past week. As some of you may already know I have an infinite affection for Spiders and Their Webs. I intend to capture their lovely homes in my garden or else where with the coming of Spring; by then hopefully I wouldn't botch up the picture and know how to take a good one. Of course with the warmer weather there are other ventures that I am particularly anticipating on doing such as taking more pictures of the Giant Wild Carrot growing haphazardly  on a country roadside, Queen Ann's Lace, Yarrow, Roses, Rock Walls and Steps, Moss, Fungus , Birds , and but of course not forgetting to go fossil hunting and using my new toy, the metal detector the family bought me, actually two of them so I will have some company along side me to keep me sane....haha! With this basket of  scrumptious goodies I'm sure to have plenty of elements for future art endeavours. So I have much to keep me occupied and I better gather up some books from the library and online book stores for me to study. 

Well here they are........ but there're not from Mars although they could very well be from looking at their appearance......that's if there is life on Mars...haha!

Daddy Long Legs or War of the Worlds...M named him that....can you guess why?

Vintage Crystal Spider Wire and Solder Art

 A Pen/Pencil Holder with Spider Soldered on it's edge

Another wire soldered Spider....These are great on door screens or window screens as well as so many other places.

Then I got this vision of a web hanging on the edge of an old antique portrait frame ....what would it be like....well this is it! I adore how it turned out...I have another antique frame that I'm working on in a much larger size and it has the most lovely painted Victorian Violets....can't wait to finish it.

Then there was this little bottle looking to have something adorning it...well Spring brought the nest back out and a little blue feather from Bandit our Love bird.

Love how tiny the feather is.

I guess you can tell I'm thinking of Spring and summer weather...yup Damsel Flies, Dragonflies Sun-catchers, all in green..... should have posted them for Saint Patty' s Day.

This Dragonfly lost it's head , or should I say I did. I used an antique Victorian cut metal button, even has the back for hanging.

And this is a Victorian Heart Flower...a heart within a flower Sun-catcher sculpted the solder as well in this one piece.

For some of you visitors this is a pendant I made a few weeks back.I hope to get the "Catch the Fallin Star" done soon.

This is M's most recent Dream Catcher...two Dream Catchers in one....Sure to catch all the good dreams for sure!

 This one is very special, she used a crystallized fossil we found on our fossil treks last summer for the centre of the circular Dream Catcher and then she created another dream catcher inside  the antique key. It is magical and so very whimsical. She even dyed the feathers and string to match the key and ring colors....somewhat like an old relic. I will be posting all of this art work on my Etsy shop soon.

Until next time Happy Creating in all Art Forms.


mermaiden said...

truly enchanting! i especially adore the web in the frame. wonderful =]

Annabelle said...

Thanks, I do too. Now working on a larger frame and then will post on Etsy. I think I will be doing quite a bit of these frames with the webs and spiders and more stained glass.

Maybe you might be interested in joining Paint Party Friday this coming week. It started last Friday.Just click on the logo on the left side bar under Bowie's Starman.

Annabelle >^.^<

minnamarika said...

Hello Annabelle!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and become a reader :-))

Your blog is full of beautiful, exciting artwork - pure magic!!!! You are very talented and creative person!!

I instantly became your follower and will visit here often!!

You asked about my name, it´s Minna ( Friends call me Mindy) and my second name is Marika

Have a nice day!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Wow!!! you are constantly amazing me with your beautiful creations! I Love them all of course....i adore the frame with the web...WOW! super cool...beautiful photos...a gorgeous experience looking at your art and creations!!

Dawn said...

I am the proud owner of one of your spiders today!! I am truely excited and look forward to displaying her on my little altar of fantastical magical goodies!! I only saw one spider on your Etsy shop. Do you have more?

Annabelle said...

Hi Dawn,

Wow I made a sale....first sale on Charlotte's Web....good luck charm for you! I will send it to you tomorrow morning. And no I haven't put any more up for sale but will soon. I will be sending alone a companion for Daddy Long Legs ....haha! She will keep him company.
Thanks Again Dawn. Can I use your graphic for a link to your blog?

Dawn said...

How exciting I got to be your first sale at your new shop. I am so looking forward to Daddy Long Legs. I absolutely wanted him when I saw your pic. I kept checking to see if you had listed him. Took you long enough! I thought maybe I had missed out!! I will snap a photo of him in his new home. He will be my good luck charm.
And yes you can use any pic I have on my blog any time. I am completely honored you asked. If it is not a good enough quality let me know I can email it to you as well.

Dawn said...

I just recieved Daddy Long Legs and his pretty little pal Crystal!! What is not to love!! They are both stunning! They came so beautifully wrapped too. I love your work, you so creative and talented. These two are proudly displayed on my dresser altar. I promise to take pics (although they won't be as good as yours).
Thank you again.


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