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* Love Prevailed the War *

A few years back I met a fellow from England , Norman, that posted the story of a soldier from World War 1 and I was so touched by the history of this couple that I was inspired to write about them and create the mosaics. It is far too beautiful a story to forget and though some of you have read it and seen the pictures before now I'm sure looking upon them once again gives you reason to believe that Love prevails all, even War.

A Soldier of World War One 1914 -1918

Thanks for the story and photos Shipcompass!
This mosaic is to the memory of Tom Wiltshire and his 6th Battalion of the Gloucestershire Regiment and of the many like him in the First World War and Second World War and others.
Lest We Forget
Original First World War Photos & Ephemera by Shipcompass
"Your Loving Son - Tom". Note on his shoulder "Gloucester" / " T" for Territorial / "6" for 6th Battalion
Tom joined the Gloucestershire Regiment in Bristol on the 8th September 1914 age 24 from the Territorials where he was No. 3121 and served throughout the Great War in the 1/6th Battalion. Posted to France on the 31st March 1915, Tom saw active service in France, Flanders and Italy serving as Private 265783. What follows is a selection of the cards etc sent to his young wife Lilian living in the Windmill Hill, Bedminster district of Bristol, the whole collection is now in the "Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum", Gloucester. Tom died in 1962 age 72.
Visit the Museum at:

Once again Thank you Norman {Shipcompass} for the history and memorable Literature.
In this pale moment of time
I am blinded in the deafened tunnels
Of this Great War
And have not heard from you yet!
Deadening hands…bitter cold from rain and snow
Unworkable to write down my avowals of love for you…
I feel as if I’ve reached the world’s end
Do you not care for me any more???
War desensitizes many
Yet not I … maybe a little… subconsciously!
I know I sense the loss and bear the wounds
As I watch the damp cold earth devour the young
Like it’s in the race for liberty
But only God‘s arms are ever near
And so I have the fortitude against the fear!
Ah, yes! The dreams; if not for the dreams!
My succor of my mortal being
To transport me away from this darkening hell!
My one and only solace is …
I breathe the perfume of the windblown flowers
And feel the glowing warmth of the summer sun
And think of the day I’ll be back home
Of seeing you once more!
The other night I dreamt a dream
A dream of you
I held you strongly in my arms my dearest Lill
With happy thoughts together in Windmill Hill
My mind held you darling Lill… held you captive in my heart!
Till we meet again………
Heaps of kisses for my darling Lill xxxxxx
Love Tom
p.s. Do write…
Just an illusory poem to Lill from Tom


Kiki aka Victoria said...

Hi Annabelle...thanks for sharing this powerful and touching post!

Incipient Wings said...

it's such a powerful post!!
thank you so much...lovely images!

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

Thank you for sharing this very special story and the mosaic you created inspired by it too! They're both meaningful and lovely.
Thank you also for your nice comments about my new miniature wearable jewelry. :)

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Thanks so much for sharing. We, too often, go about our days without remembering to thank those who made (and continue) to make our way of life possible.
Thanks for your words of encouragement re the end of my affair with salt. It will be difficult, but I can do it..I will not, however, use pepper as a substitute! YUK!!
Take care,

Papillon Bleu said...

Nice to meet you Anabelle! I wish you good luck for the draw next week!
I love the story and the photos here.It is very moving.

Sometimes a haunting melody can make quiet an impression ~^..^~
Thanks to Vic Mizzy for creating such unforgettable soundtracks and to Hollis Kim for sharing this fab rendition of the Haunted Organ from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken ….will always luv listening to it, no matter the time of year but especially great in the month of October


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