Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Charming Collection

"Shall I dwell in my shell?
Shall I not dwell in my shell?
Dwell in shell?
Rather not dwell?
Shall I not dwell?
shall I dwell,
dwell in shell,
shall I shell,
shall I ....shell I...shell I.....shall I .....shell I ......shall I...?"

I'm entangled in a upside world, surrounded by troubles of illness; some of great concern.
Usually, I cope with bad stuff by immersing myself in art, books and music.They are my healers to better health and a sound mind but lately the heavy burden of so many health issues afflicting close family members and a good friend and neighbour is overwhelming and unfortunately causing me to let things fall behind.
Then today, I was pleasantly given a sunny day when Victoria ( Kiki ) left me a message saying she wrote a post about  me on her blog. When I ventured over there I was completely floored to find what a beautiful post she had created about moi! I loved every bit of it including the lovely comments left by your friends Kiki ; you truly gave me a super lift that I very much needed....Thank You!

This is what I did.............................. ~ ^..^~

~^..^~ A Charming Collection ~^..^~

Soldered Heart Bottle, Diorama Jar and Salt and Pepper Shakers I started some time ago.

 "MoonSleep" Soldered Sea Diorama  ....a little boy on the moon sleeping and dreaming above the sea.

Moon Sleep captures a tiny bit of fantasy way up high within the fluffy billowing clouds. A small angelic boy is sleeping snugly upon a golden moon, dreaming dreams that only he alone could know.
And we ,stare in wonder at the whimsical beauty of a little one's innocent happy smile while sleeping. The innocence of a child, if only we could hold onto to it forever.

This was meticulously made with every detail not over looked. From the interior of the Diorama's lid I created a garden beach scene with picket fence, sea star and coral washed upon the sand.I Even incorporated sea grass and a white whimsical picket fence with white rhinestone daisies to symbolize the simplicity and beauty of the sea shore .Inside the Diorama I placed fine white sand and some sea shells and glitter.The Diorama is soldered shut. On the exterior I have placed vintage netting with captured sea shells and mushroom coral and tiny seed pearls. 

In creating this Diorama  I was trying to capture the ideal of purity and innocence ; without a trouble or care in the world. Gazing through the window of Moonsleep one uncovers tranquility within thus unwinding the tensions of the world. Hope this little piece of art has made you smile and given thought.

All snug under the stars

I wrapped the jar in vintage pink tulle ...a found item from a 60's hair salon
and added coral and seashells to it like a fisherman's net catching treasures from the sea

Inside the lid I created a beach scene with a white picket fence,sea grass, a sea star, 
and white daisies with crystals

Not a good pic but this is the bottom of the jar
filled with super fine white sand, sea shells and coral

"StarLight " Soldered Heart Bottle with Star

Vintage  glass star, bird and aqua daisy flower beads

Again I filled the bottle with sand and seashells
In sunlight the glitter and shadow of the elements is truly spectacular

"Coral Flower"

This little silver shaker has a mushroom coral ( not sure on the name) soldered to it's top
I added a little garland of metal stars and crescent moons to the neck of the bottle


A Murex shell soldered to the match of the "Mushroom"
Again same garland used

" Marlborough Bella "

This silver pewter shaker is vintage"Marlborough" engraved on bottom
I made button flowers from vintage mother of pearl buttons and then created a nest with vine and added it to it's neck

And so I decided that I wouldn't stay in the shell today....Instead I  shall create with sea shells and stuff.... And that I did!!! 
I finished what I started many moons ago ; felt better, thought better and became more hopeful....
Again , Thank You for that Kiki!!!


Linda said...

These are beautiful pieces and you have great style. I was wondering where you get your destash goodies from? they are all very whimsical.

Annabelle said...
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Annabelle said...

I'm not sure what you mean by Destash….If you mean Stashing, hoarding, collecting acquiring etc, then my answer to your question is that many of the goodies I have acquired through time come from a few select Salvation Army stores and my favourite the Goodwill which is a bit pricy otherwise many super antique finds but you have to learn to go there before the store opens , attend their 50% off days and some times just have lucky timing but I always leave the store with something, it's very rare I seldom leave empty handed; a great store which I can't say enough good things about . I also adore Church sales and again you just pick a few to go to and be there before they open…of course this occurs early Saturday mornings which my husband really dislikes but tags along anyway to be with me…lucky gal I know, I don't lose site of that, or maybe he's curbing my spending…., I prefer to think it's love…ha!
The Little Boy moon ornament used in my Diorama was a Christmas ornament I bought in my twenties, and the salt and pepper shakers were acquired items won at auctions my mom and dad attended. 
Thanks for the compliment and I hope I've answered your question. If I can help some more, just ask.

Sometimes a haunting melody can make quiet an impression ~^..^~
Thanks to Vic Mizzy for creating such unforgettable soundtracks and to Hollis Kim for sharing this fab rendition of the Haunted Organ from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken ….will always luv listening to it, no matter the time of year but especially great in the month of October


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