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* Halloween * Flora and The Ghost Ball

Congratulations ....Kiki...Your name was picked by Cat Karson for the miniature SeaShell Bottle; this year's Halloween prize.

 Thanks to everyone for participating ~^..^~

Good Evening......And Now..... A poem and  story to keep you amused.

* Flora *

Moss covered trees; they lined the path to either side of me
With limbs outstretched, they touched and formed
An endless canopy in hues of velvet greens
This vacant road, so tenderly adored by these grand oaks
Led me in finding silence sleeping deeply in serenity

Look around; what do I see - flowers strewn and flowers dead
A sea of white on white, grey on grey and black to dark
Of body turned to stone, their words are now half spoken
Craved onto the surface of their sculptured ghostly effigies

Their shadows hide by day, by night they come
If it were night it wouldn’t feel right
But since its day I think its right
For I do see the peacefulness that’s here

Around a bend, some English daisies make my acquaintance
They rise in lively spirit from the dark depths of their grassy bed
This lonely cradle, long forgotten, has cared for them
And they in turn have called upon the sun onto its sunken crest
To warm and kiss its lovely breast

This stone is not alike the rest
It does not bear the name who lies in there
For what sits above the daisy covered knoll
Is but a open book with pages torn adorned in roses pink

To make of what it tells
Is hard when earth and wind and rain
Have washed away its mark, but still I try
For there was once a time
This place was truly theirs’

I bowed down to the earth and took a better look
I read and thought; is this, what’s left?
I could have sworn the words began to speak in whispers on the breeze
I may have thought or did I hear it say “I was”?

I looked away from the book made out of stone
And saw a vision sitting there- afar- with flowers in her hands
I knew the voice I’d heard had come from her
A long time past, she walked the earth
And loved the flowers, that now grow above her tomb

The moss she had treasured so
Now softly dressed the written pages of the book
The years that read were few, her youth cut short
Above the blue faint sky I heard the dawn bird’s song
Ethereal swirls of melodic notes played a choral symphony

A moment passed, the child like girl I’d seen, had gone
The intense beauty of the woodland music now had ended
The bird’s keen senses knew, now dark took over light,
Its ghostly shadow for a moment brushed the mossy tomb
A silence fell and then I heard large rain drops fall unto the granite stone
And like a hidden message written in unseen ink -revealed –
I saw my name, on the wet stone visibly appear.

        * The Ghost Ball *

Walking along the undulating winding path, tall oaks stood on both sides of me. Their limbs touching but barren of their leaves made a dark brown lacey lattice against the cold October sky. The sun barely visible tried to peek through the blank canvas hardly keeping the earth warm. The air was still not a sound could be heard except for the shuffle of the oaks’ dead leafs underfoot and then the silence broke…. Overhead; a group of geese flew towards a warmer home.

Moments earlier I had visited my grandmother’s grave and had left her a posy of flowers for her birthday. Now in peaceful reflection I walked among the solid stones of marble and granite all bearing messages of love lost. I loved coming here. It was a sanctuary for me whenever I came. I could spend hours reading about the dearly departed and found inspiration in the decorative embellishments and inscribed messages of their tombs that told more than just their sad farewells.

A weeping willow on a grave; its branches covered in moss as if in full spring splendour silently shed the tears of loved ones left behind. A heart entwined in ivy; a testament of a strong and binding love. And then I saw a few small graves; one adorned with a little lamb and the other with an angel and puppy dog; they belonged to little children who had left this earth much too soon.

The day was cold and damp and I particularly wanted nothing more than to continue with the nostalgic memories but the cold became uncomforting and I was too cold and miserable to relinquish in this beautiful desolate place yet it was most appropriate for today was Hallows Eve. I hurried my pace still entranced by the scatterings of ghostly white tombs against the stark grey horizon. Suddenly the sun’s pale light touched upon the stone of an opened book, its pages torn; one last faded rose that had dropped from its branch that had hugged the tomb, now lay on the books’ leaf. Beneath the bush upon the torn page corner of the book; a glint of purple green twinkled through. I knelt down and touched the sparkle on the stone book revealing a violet purple amethyst covered in mossy greens. I grabbed the moisten jewel within my hand and quickly hurried back home.

The hearth felt good; my hands numb from the bitter cold and of the wet mossy jewel. I carefully laid the purple stone onto the mantle. It was round and rose shaped like you see in a church window. At a closer glance I noticed it had eight individual petals but they were scarcely noticeable from the moss that filled their voids. At each strut a rhinestone lay. It was truly a beautiful ornament from long, long ago; whom it belonged to, would be a mystery.

With the entire hullabaloo that ensued I had completely forgotten that I had to create a witches hat for the ghost ball. Mom had kindly bought a witches hat ahead of time but I had dally too long to decorate it like I had wanted to and now I was in dire need to finish it on time. I gathered up the choice adornments and quickly adding the black spider brooch, the old rhinestone buckle, the large black velvet rose and the garland of small roses; their petals sprinkled with tear drops. Finally I added a touch of black tulle to create a filmy mysterious looking witches hat. There, I was done but something was not quite right. Yes, that’s what it was, a large gapping hole inside the buckle stared right back at me. I needed something for the buckle to frame.

Out of the blue the purple stone flashed a wink across the room. It would be perfect to adorn the witches’ hat with and especially beautiful inside the old rhinestone frame. I clumsily and eagerly tried pinning the flowered stone onto the hat. So stirred in seeing the end results that I pinned myself like I had become a pin cushion. After all the fuss was over, the hat was finally complete. A witch’s gothic hat dream had come true. I loved the look. I was all set for the ball.

Time was flying swiftly and so would this witch if she was to attend the Halloween Ball. I gathered all my costume attire, the cat, cape, boots, broom and bat and got dressed. I was the picture perfect gothic witch right out of the eighteen century. All that was left to do was to crown the costume with the witches’ hat that I had so proudly made. I entered the room which now had a glowing fire burning. The hat, has I had left it was still perched on the candelabra.

Approaching closer to the hearth, the purple stone of the jewel had fused together with the flames of the fire. Now the two were one and a dazzling sparkle danced across the room bouncing fragments of colorful purples and embers onto the crystal vases and glass of the room. The room spinned into a magical realm of a strange and different world distant and unknown to me; and then my eye caught something very strange indeed. Inside the fire in the embers of the flames a book lay open with pages written in old English. As I began to read the words penned in black ink a familiar music erringly faded in. I remembered the piece; it was “The Dance of the Mist”.

Upon the pages of the book was written “I hope to meet with thee again on Hallows Eve one time so I may alight in the “Ghostly Ball”. If you wear the hat and stone upon your head, I will be your companion for just this Hallows Eve and will return once a year upon the same night unless you desire to not make my company.”
Was it all just a dream; too tried and had probably fallen asleep? Wake up, wake up Leathor ; this can’t be real……only it was!
I had no fear but was only both intrigued and in disbelief of the whole affair that just had transpired. I wanted to believe!!!! So I put the witches’ hat upon my head…….

Beyond my glasses stood a young girl with fairies wings. I agitatedly took my glasses off and wiped the film from the lenses. I place them back unto the bridge of my nose and glanced towards where the young girl had stood. There she was, standing quietly and studying me; I now clearly saw she was only just a little girl of no more than twelve years old dressed in a costume of the most beautiful translucent yellow/white gossamer and chiffon gown. Her head crowned in daisies. Her whole attire in a sprinkling of fairy’s’ dust and her wings twinkled repeatedly with every flutter.

“Will be my friend to accompany to the Ghostly Ball?” My name is Flora and I know who you are she said in a faintly voice. You’re Leathor; I’ve watched you visiting at the Mount. The purple stone belongs to me and I have wished for centuries for someone to find it and pin it on a witch’s hat so that I may have another Ghostly Ball on Hallows Eve with all my dear and darling friends. Please say you’ll come.”

And so the little witch that wished to be a fairy for Hallows eve and I, a witch who truly could make magic went off to the Ghostly Ball. 

Hope you enjoyed the stories and now for the real master of Suspense...My favourite British Fellow of Haunting Ghost Stories....Alfred Hitchcock...Enjoy!

NB: Pause playlist to listen to video or watch on youtube.

Happy Halloween ~ ^..^ ~

Saturday, October 30, 2010

* A Witchs Hearth *

A quick post showing my fireplace for this Halloween. 
I used hubby's  Canon Power Shot SX 100 IS.

I think my camera Canon 40 D will accommodate me in taking the better night pictures I'm looking for. I hope it'll work. 

*A Witchs Hearth * ~ never planned, it just evolved into a Witchs Hearth, something you'd find in a Witches home possibly...I think I still had Practical Magic and The Good Witches Garden in my head. Oh and that reminds me,
3rd instalment OF GWG Coming this November, can't wait!Thanks M for informing me on this!

Poe's Poems A Little Blue Book #32 

* Books of Spells * not really Spell Books but I think from the outside they could pass as some and the little stained glass bat is M's first attempt at the craft

*......Book and Candle *......Missing the Bell...haha...oh and the cat!

*All a Mesh in Oddity * ~ Have no idea how this came about
but I sort of like it

Well that's it for now , will return later with better ones I hope. Determined to learn in taking better photographs and understanding the functions of my camera.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

* The Spider's Moving Day *


The Spider and the Shed

Out at yard sales on a rainy day
In the entrance to a shed
We watched as a spider dandled down
Looking to be fed

We stood outside in the pouring rain
Just me and Emma Peel
She looked my way and said to me
I’m not a spider meal

It was raining hard, we were getting wet
There were treasures inside for sure
I would check for bargains once inside
But only after her

Then suddenly without a word
We stood and did not care
As the woman that had just walked out
Had the spider in her hair

The way was clear, it was alright now
We could find our deals inside
We could have told the lady who cleared the way
But to hell with foolish pride

She knew that she was on her own
She knew the price to pay
It’s everybody for themselves
For this was garage sale day

~ Stan Belanger

On a garage sale jaunt last year in Merrickville,
my husband and daughter had witnessed the spider’s moving day and this is what inspired my hubby to write the poem.
I guess this one garage sale we will never forget…haha!
Merrickville ; a purrfect place for inspiration.

 * My Usual Halloween Treats  ~^..^~ 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Looking forward to celebrating this weekend. 

Now Em , do try to do things legally this time....hehehe!


Love Mom, Dad , Ty xxx ooo

oh, sorry I forgot to include the kids on the new card 

Much love from Karson, Grace and Bandit  as well! xxx ooo


Saturday, October 23, 2010

* A Gothic Church and A Mysterious Black Cat *

With the coming of Fall and the cold weather it is always nice to sit indoors and enjoy a cup of tea

Now I can sit comfortably with Little Hoot and visit the participating blogs for Anna's Tea Party Under a Halloween Moon

But before I do I better announce the 3 lucky winners of last week's Halloween Blog Party at Vanessa's.

Little Hoot ,Tiger and Charlotte are anxiously awaiting to see whoooo the lucky winners will be.

We decided it was best to place the names for the draw inside our very special secret book.

Within it's chamber I keep many of my precious things such as the stone heart made of crystallized fossils

Here is Karson just about ready to pick the lucky winners

And the winners are?????


1st Prize of the 5x7 Original Print of
 "A Hunting We Will Go  " is:

  *** Molly Bit O' Shine   

2nd and 3rd Prizes for the two Aceo's of
 "Goin Up To The Spirit In The Sky " are:

*** Maria's Twinkles Miniatures and

*** Linda

Congratulations to all of you. Mailing them out later this week.

To everyone that participated in the giveaway , I'm having another giveaway this coming Sunday October 31st~ Halloween for a seashell bottle so do drop in and try again.

And now back to Anna's Tea Parties and Vanessa's Halloween Ball....Still haven't quite finished...

After experiencing a bit of Broom Lag I decided to ride by way of coach,seems to agree with me.

midnight carriage horses castle pictures, backgrounds and images

From Ghouls and Ghosts and Long - Leggety Beasties

And Things that go Bump in the Night,

Good Lord, Deliver Us! 

( Scottish Prayer )

~^..^~ And now a Little Halloween Story for you  ~^..^~

A Gothic Church and A Mysterious Black Cat 
A Gothic Church and The Ghost Cat
Picture ~ Winter Gothic by Margaret Clough

It all began when my mom stopped over for a visit and being such a gorgeous Fall day we decided it would be a opportune time to take a drive out to the countryside to visit a favourite shop, all the while I being quite aware of the fact that we would be driving by the old church I liked. Upon entering the outskirts of the quaint village I could see the red and white sign from the distance and thinking without a doubt, that it would no longer be available. 
But I was wrong, for there stood the sign,solidly anchored into the ground beneath the towering silver steeple of the 128 year old limestone church…." For Sale " it read! I was   afraid to get out of the truck having the fear that I would become overly enamoured by it and unable to obtain it in the end.

The afternoon sun glowed a warmth around my face as I peered into the water glass panes of the old gothic church windows, admiring the flood of light that was basking it's walls and exquisite interior. 
I had seen the old sanctuary for sale on the net about a month before but didn't give it too much thought since the timing wasn't right for us in making a immediate move. Little did I know of it's allure I would eventually come to experience the moment I stepped through it's massive castle like doors.

There was no need getting flustered over a life long dream only to be disappointed in the end considering the requirements in making the purchase were all round obstructing in establishing me as it's next owner.
There I was , standing, looking from the outside in with my mom next to me, who, unlike me was right on time at the cross roads befitting the opportunity that presented itself to us on this warm October afternoon.

Of course she was in agreement with me that this was a perfect valuable real-estate acquirement only to fall short of making a firm decision on her part when she returned home to process the film she had earlier reeled in and realized that she had all along inhabited some concerning reservations in matters dealing with the  beyond.

You see, while we were quite taken by the overall beauty of the place, surrounded by tall oaks,which happen to be my favourite tree and the closely snuggled setting of the church to the winding river behind the property, there happened to be an obscure cemetery to it's side facing northwest. The graveyard didn't faze me one bit for I find them particularly intriguing as opposed to my mom who finds them intensely creepy. The way I see it, eventually we  all do end up there one day, and in my opinion the dead happen to be more harmless than the living, and of course they are mighty quite neighbours so what is there not to like? For me it was an added bonus. 

While occupied in our surveying the grounds, a soft crying meow was over heard behind the neighbouring cedars of the cemetery but when glancing over we couldn't see the cat that the cry came out from, assuming that it was a cat's cry we had heard. 
And then, as if by magic his body appeared, a little tiny black cat with a small patch of white at it's neck. Mom, quickly uttered, "don't let him cross", "don't let it him cross", numerous times but I didn't react to her requests and called out to him. 
In a soundless gentle walk he made his way to me and started brushing his dark silhouette against my legs and vocally sounding a "brrrrt" while fixating his gaze to my eyes. He was a stately fellow but somehow a solitary soul; for a moment the thought of taking him home crossed my mind.

 We continued to look over the estate while the mysterious black cat followed without interruption. I was getting accustomed to having the little fellow around and joked with my mom that he probably was a lost soul from the graveyard. 

I suppose upon reflecting back at that moment, I think I sealed her fate in the decision of her purchasing the place…besides the added  fact the realtor had mentioned "Witching" had be done on the place by an old English fellow, a word used to describe a person looking for bodies buried beneath the ground by help of a tree branch, much like looking for water, but not this time around ………hehehe! 

Anyway, after much reverence reflected onto the spectacular property I called my stepdad on my cell and revered to him what a lovely place it was and that it would be something for the two of them to seriously think upon . All the while chatting, I lost track of the kitty, I couldn't see him and I was worried where he had gone and then there he was, secretly staring at me from behind the cedar bushes against the corner to the back of the church, starring, his eyes hanging on to the sun's rays! The only thing that gave him away was his brilliant glowing eyes.

So taken by the event of the day that we left the village making a u-turn on the street in front of the property, completely forgetting about our original trek. 

There, in front to the entrance of the church, stood the cat, his back facing us,and as we slowly drove off, almost human like, the black feline turned his head to the side and looked towards us like an arrow shot straight to our hearts!

A few days later I returned to view the grounds with my husband, this time the place was for us to look at with the intention of purchasing. On the two additional occasions we were there, the cat was never again seen. 

My fear did become true for in the short time I got to know the church, I had unconditionally fallen in love with it and in the end realizing the impossibility of achieving my dream. 
I had every right to feel an aversion to the old church that first time I drove up to it's door. I was afraid of never grasping my dream.
Now I wonder, what the cat had to do with it.

In England it is considered a sign of good luck if a black cat comes toward you. It never crossed my path, but instead followed me that one and only day….why?



* ~^..^~ Not sure what I've done wrong but having trouble placing this picture at the bottom of the page and just  seems to want to be placed here....Spooky! Anyway I made this bottle...hope you like it, just leave me a comment to be entered in the draw.

ENDING NOTE: A Strange Course of Events

I saw the church on the 13th of the month….my lucky number, a black cat made his way toward me and became my friend and then I fell in love with a portrait of a girl which claimed residence within the old stone church entitled " The Soul's Awakening ".

And so here is another design inspired by the excursion to the Old Gothic Church...Hope you like it.Free for personal use I retain copyright.

A Big Thank you to Anna of Frosted Petunias for hosting this Tea Under a Halloween Moon Blog Party. Please go to her site to see the list of participating blogs.

Scroll further down the page for larger format of "Halloween Night" and if you require larger than that size go to my flickr account.Personal use only...Enjoy! 

Sometimes a haunting melody can make quiet an impression ~^..^~
Thanks to Vic Mizzy for creating such unforgettable soundtracks and to Hollis Kim for sharing this fab rendition of the Haunted Organ from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken ….will always luv listening to it, no matter the time of year but especially great in the month of October


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Flora and the Ghost Ball * Click picture to read

Flora and the Ghost Ball * Click picture to read
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