Monday, December 13, 2010

~ pRETTY pOTS & TaTtEred RoSes

Not too far off before it's Christmas and I still haven't put the tree up or decorated the fireplace mantel; for this year that is all I will be doing ,especially when I have to deal with torn up floors and fallin kitchen and bathroom. As long as the house is clean I'm okay with that but not overly enthused to decorate one bit only I think creating a bit of a warm Christmasy feel for the family is an essential right now. In the events of  last month I haven't had much time to think about crafting , decorating, reading ..... all the la di da stuff that makes me happy when I'm not; I found it too hard and even now I am not myself but again thinking positive is a must to carry on.

On the bright side of things , my husband is home now till after Christmas recuperating from emergency surgery for a detached retina  Dec 9th.....poor fellow he looks more like Rocky these days. Kids are happy to have him home and I guess me as well only he does have his particularities which I had forgotten with him living away from home during the week for the past five years...haha! I'm learning to adjust all over again and miss going to my thrift stores on a daily basis...the truth is out....haha!

Anyway, I am back to crafting and creating and maybe lucky to get some reading time in there over the holidays as well. Still have to go for Christmas groceries which I have plans to make some yummy stuff for meals and sweets and take some to our friends across the street. 
So here is my little craft I made and think it's  quite pretty. Something to brighten the winter blues with a warm hue of pink and glitter for the festive season. I tried to recreate a Victorian candy basket  one could use for the Christmas tree as a sweets basket or maybe a secret ring.

They are very easy to make. I grabbed some peat pots and spray painted them in a cream colour, then I added some mica flakes and a pipe cleaner which I had previously stained with a bit of brown paint for a handle and finally added a felt ribbon border. 
I then added the roses which I had made earlier and added a brooch pin to their backs so they could be taken from the pots and used as brooches. There are many tutorials on the web for the singed flowers and it's all up to you in how you want to create them. I adore the tattered look to a flower , well worn and old , something that conjures memories of a long loved past. Hope you like them. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

~ Goodbye Dear Friend ~

Somewhere up there, you are reading this Myles. Know that we all love you and miss you.

"I had a dream,which was not all a dream.
The bright sun was extinquish'd and the stars
Did wander darkling in the eternal space".

We lost a beautiful dear friend

"Good night, dear heart
Good night, good night".

Dear Elaine, Keith, Matthew and Bryan,
Jean, David, Chris and Dana,

We are terribly saddened that Myles has left us.
It is a time of year which makes the pain more intense and I wish I could ease the hurt you are feeling right now. Myles was always there for us and we are so fortunate to have had him as a friend; truly a great fellow.

I will always remember Myles saying : "So it is" and I suppose I discovered it early on at the Blue Rodeo concert we went to together that I had asked him to go to. At the time, we gals were very pregnant but I think the fellows forgot about it for a few hours before we nagged about the discomfort in sitting so long and left a tad early ........"So it is" Myles said. We will miss you Myles.

We must remember ...

    "There are as many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year's course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word "happiness" would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better to take things as they come along with patience and equanimity."
    Time will fade the pain and keeping close and by each other's side will help you pull through it.May God bless you and your family for now and for always.
    If you need anything we are here for you.With all our heart your friends the Belangers
Below is a poem my grand mom wrote years ago about crossing over and I thought it might give you some solace.

Brightling Graves, originally uploaded by ART NAHPRO.


E` Gia` deciso

Accarezzato dal vento l'ultima foglia
dondla appesa ad un ramo sciupato
anche il sole incapace di ridarle vita e forza
morira` morira` senza dire no no
la natura condanna i suoi figli
ad un giorno continuo continuo eternamente
segnando la foglia mi vene voglia di urlare
tutta la sua crudelta` non piango
gli alberi muti e il loro sguardo verso il cielo
siamo noi i rebelli, piangono muoiono
gli umani vogliono essere presi nella
girandola dell'universo
tutto e` stabilito anche la nostra fine
allora allora io vorrei morire
insieme all'ultima foglia
del mio ultimo inverno.

Maria Lettieri


E` Gia` deciso {Its Already Decided}

Accarezzato dal vento l'ultima foglia {caressed by the wind, the last leaf}
dondla appesa ad un ramo sciupato{rocks hanging from a branch}
anche il sole incapace di ridarle vita e forza{ even the sun unable to give it life and strength}
morira` morira` senza dire no no {to die, die without saying no, no}
la natura condanna i suoi figli { nature sentences its sons}
ad un giorno continuo continuo eternamente{continuous, a continuous day eternally }
segnando la foglia mi vene voglia di urlare { marking the leaf I get the urge to scream}
tutta la sua crudelta` non piango { with all its cruelty I don’t cry}
gli alberi muti e il loro sguardo verso il cielo {the trees are speechless with their look towards the sky }
siamo noi i rebelli, piangono muoiono { it is us who are the rebels, crying, dying}
gli umani vogliono essere presi nella { humanity wants to be taken}
girandola dell'universo{on the carrousel of the universe}
tutto e` stabilito anche la nostra fine {everything is established even our own end}
allora allora io vorrei morire {then, then I want to die }
insieme all'ultima foglia{ together with the last leaf}
del mio ultimo inverno.{ of my last winter}

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ghost and Mrs.Muir

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir happens to be one of my all time favourite classic film that I never get tired of watching. After an early morning view of an old favourite flick of mine "The Wolfman" with Lon Chaney Jr.

I remarked to my husband how well Benicio Del Toro

portrayed the character of Lawrence Talbot in the newly recreated Wolfman ; without doubt Del Toro's love affair with the old classics is evident throughout the new production, something I rarely see in today's remakes.  

And so this brings me to "Ravin' Maven of Classic Film".
When I found this gal's work I was quite taken by how well she was able to capture the complete atmospheric feel of the movie " The Ghost and Mrs. Muir", much like Benicio Del Toro did in "Wolfman". 

So here are some stills for you to enjoy with the video to follow . 

Gull Cottage 

Another gorgeous home by the sea much like Practical Magic only I somehow find this more Romantic..the black and white film and being a classic flick of the past.Ghost stories are truly my favourite.

Mrs. Muir upon first seeing Gull Cottage.Wouldn't you want to live here?

Besides my Gothic Church , this house by the sea would be my other choice and of course a friendly ghost being part of the package deal...haha!

Looking through the glass window pane a disappearing ghost is revealed. Rex Harrison portrayed the sea captain ghost admirably and left every female viewer with the vision what a romantic ghost would be like...everyone wanted to meet a sea captain ghost after that.

 And the beautiful Gene Tierney...Many men adored her why not a Ghost?

Entranced by a Lovely portrait of a handsome Sea Captain.

Writing a Ghost Novel....I would adore having such an opportunity....Ooooh so Terribly Romantic!!!
In a gorgeous old house by the sea prompted to write a story and hear it first hand from the home's ghost himself....imagine what a thrill it would be.

After watching Ravin's video you'll most definitely want to watch the Ghost and Mrs. Muir very soon.
Her video work is astounding and so amazing in capturing the moments we are all familiar with in each and every movie she has meticulously and artfully spot lighted. Check out her site. and enjoy!

Pause playlist above "About Me" to view large video format on this post .

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Charming Collection

"Shall I dwell in my shell?
Shall I not dwell in my shell?
Dwell in shell?
Rather not dwell?
Shall I not dwell?
shall I dwell,
dwell in shell,
shall I shell,
shall I I.....shall I I ......shall I...?"

I'm entangled in a upside world, surrounded by troubles of illness; some of great concern.
Usually, I cope with bad stuff by immersing myself in art, books and music.They are my healers to better health and a sound mind but lately the heavy burden of so many health issues afflicting close family members and a good friend and neighbour is overwhelming and unfortunately causing me to let things fall behind.
Then today, I was pleasantly given a sunny day when Victoria ( Kiki ) left me a message saying she wrote a post about  me on her blog. When I ventured over there I was completely floored to find what a beautiful post she had created about moi! I loved every bit of it including the lovely comments left by your friends Kiki ; you truly gave me a super lift that I very much needed....Thank You!

This is what I did.............................. ~ ^..^~

~^..^~ A Charming Collection ~^..^~

Soldered Heart Bottle, Diorama Jar and Salt and Pepper Shakers I started some time ago.

 "MoonSleep" Soldered Sea Diorama  ....a little boy on the moon sleeping and dreaming above the sea.

Moon Sleep captures a tiny bit of fantasy way up high within the fluffy billowing clouds. A small angelic boy is sleeping snugly upon a golden moon, dreaming dreams that only he alone could know.
And we ,stare in wonder at the whimsical beauty of a little one's innocent happy smile while sleeping. The innocence of a child, if only we could hold onto to it forever.

This was meticulously made with every detail not over looked. From the interior of the Diorama's lid I created a garden beach scene with picket fence, sea star and coral washed upon the sand.I Even incorporated sea grass and a white whimsical picket fence with white rhinestone daisies to symbolize the simplicity and beauty of the sea shore .Inside the Diorama I placed fine white sand and some sea shells and glitter.The Diorama is soldered shut. On the exterior I have placed vintage netting with captured sea shells and mushroom coral and tiny seed pearls. 

In creating this Diorama  I was trying to capture the ideal of purity and innocence ; without a trouble or care in the world. Gazing through the window of Moonsleep one uncovers tranquility within thus unwinding the tensions of the world. Hope this little piece of art has made you smile and given thought.

All snug under the stars

I wrapped the jar in vintage pink tulle ...a found item from a 60's hair salon
and added coral and seashells to it like a fisherman's net catching treasures from the sea

Inside the lid I created a beach scene with a white picket fence,sea grass, a sea star, 
and white daisies with crystals

Not a good pic but this is the bottom of the jar
filled with super fine white sand, sea shells and coral

"StarLight " Soldered Heart Bottle with Star

Vintage  glass star, bird and aqua daisy flower beads

Again I filled the bottle with sand and seashells
In sunlight the glitter and shadow of the elements is truly spectacular

"Coral Flower"

This little silver shaker has a mushroom coral ( not sure on the name) soldered to it's top
I added a little garland of metal stars and crescent moons to the neck of the bottle


A Murex shell soldered to the match of the "Mushroom"
Again same garland used

" Marlborough Bella "

This silver pewter shaker is vintage"Marlborough" engraved on bottom
I made button flowers from vintage mother of pearl buttons and then created a nest with vine and added it to it's neck

And so I decided that I wouldn't stay in the shell today....Instead I  shall create with sea shells and stuff.... And that I did!!! 
I finished what I started many moons ago ; felt better, thought better and became more hopeful....
Again , Thank You for that Kiki!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Soldered Vintage Coral Bottles

These are a couple of reproduction bottles with beautiful etched flowers that I had purchased some time ago. 
The corals were collected from Milton and Kingston when I accompanied my husband on some of his extended jobs away from home. I very seldom come across vintage seashells and corals and when I do I'm thrilled to find such treasures. They acquire such a lovely patina with age and of course they in turn have been fortunate to have been rediscovered, obtaining another life; hopefully for a very long one. 

I've been romancing the sea forever; what can you expect from a gal who was born by the sea. When you glance towards that twinkle in the sun and see the art that the sea has created, you suddenly want to go there in that beautiful tranquil seashore, collecting shells washed upon the glittering sand and then while the day away dreaming. Maybe that's why I have such a collection of natural art from the ocean and from the lovely deep wood surrounding my home; they are my constant companions who lend a hand in my creations.

 Hope you like them. 

•*´¨*¸*.•*´¨***~^..^~*Annabelle¸.•*´¨*¸*.•*´¨* * *

Vintage Corals, Jewels, Crystals  and Reproduction Bottles

Saturday, November 13, 2010

* Watch This Little Fellow *

My mother-in-law Doris sent this video along to my daughter M sometime ago who later showed it to me. I posted the video further down this blog so that it remains always accessible for everyone to see. Last night my son and I couldn't sleep and I don't recall the reason why Jesse came to mind but I ended up showing him the video. After watching it last night, he fell in love with Jesse and without further delay he showed it to my husband this afternoon;now our entire family is in love with this adorable fellow.Thanks Heather for being such a sweetie in training Jesse and filming such a great video. There is no doubt you are one gifted gal just like your Jesse.All the best to the two of you and thanks to Josh Woodward singer and songwriter of "Coffee " for the perfect accompaniment to this unforgettable video. It truly is a song my husband and I can relate to; he is going to place it on his blackberry.... and of course my mother in law who's luv for all creatures great and small started this trail of affection for Jesse. Hope you all love this as much as we do. 

Enjoy!!!! ^..~

p.s. pause playlist to watch video; it's where I first heard the song "Coffee" by Josh Woodward

*** Jesse and Heather *** Best of Friends

Thursday, November 11, 2010


This graphic I designed for Remembrance Day last year is significant for it shows the grave stone belonging to my husband's uncle who died in World War 2 overseas and the Canadian cemetery of other soldiers lost. Many souls were lost , of all nationalities, we all suffered.

We shall always Remember them.........

SEPT 3 1945

Remembrance Day Ceremonies in North Gower and Merrickville Ontario Canada

Our town Memorial 

Escorted by OPP The Merrickville Remembrance Day Parade got started under a cool and sunny November sky

An original of ww2 (eldest) veteran standing to the left of this image wearing dark sunglasses. I wouldn't have known it until they mentioned him in the laying of the wreaths. He stood straight as an arrow accompanied by a lovely smile. Very nice fellow as I'm sure they all are.

These Little Crosses were made by the children from the Merrickville school.

They reminded me of a miniature version of the cemetery in Flanders.

After knee surgery last Spring I'm afraid with the  cold damp weather my arthritis isn't very cooperative and  had one heck of a time trying to get up from my lying position I had taken to photograph these crosses.If only my pants could talk....I now have two Brownie knees...haha! 

Monday, November 8, 2010

* Free Lunch for Veterans *

I suppose there does exist a free lunch after all!
Until now I have never noticed this form of gratitude shown toward our war veterans but what a lovely way to say Thank You . 
Although Vets do have their get together after the memorial service at their local Legion Hall it is a nice invitation for them to have another little treat as well as offering an opportunity to the public in meeting their freedom fighters and giving their personal thank you.
And so when I came upon this sign posted by the local Marlborough Pub and Eatery in North Gower, I just had to write about it and hoped in doing so that maybe some of you Veteran folks would get wind of it and venture out to the Pub for your special day treat :)

It would be lovely to see more businesses offer the same …it's a great way to thank our War Veterans.

Thank You

Sometimes a haunting melody can make quiet an impression ~^..^~
Thanks to Vic Mizzy for creating such unforgettable soundtracks and to Hollis Kim for sharing this fab rendition of the Haunted Organ from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken ….will always luv listening to it, no matter the time of year but especially great in the month of October


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