Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Rose Experiment ~ Beautiful Things Happen When One Experiments a Little

Beautiful Things HappenWhen One Experiments a Little : )

I love waking up in the early morning hours when the world is still and yet not awake and if one desires company they only need to tap on a switch and connect.  

I made my coffee and then reconnected to the previous night’s reading list on my computer I had book marked before retiring to bed.
I found way too much information on art mediums and techniques, more than I could ever do in one life time but a small, quick paper craft incorporating the recycled coffee filters I had amassed in recent months stirred my desire to create the simple project. 

I began by stacking 4 to 6 coffee filters together and started cutting a spiral into the circles. I realized half way in that I had done this before only I had used wool felt. So I stopped cutting and turned my attention to how the filters were tinted in such gorgeous soft muted colours. I dug around for the food colouring they had used but alas was out of luck and had to find an alternative substitute, which led me to Raspberry jam. Yes, jam.

I know I'm kind of  crazy but I thought why not it’s just a little experiment and no harm, Its not like I was going to eat them although the perfume of raspberry is pretty darn yummy and so very tempting!

I manipulated the filters, added water, salt and some Raspberry jam, scrunched, baked and baked again creating some very interesting textures. 

It is only now I see it for what it is. 

A Rose

Romantic and so Victorian!
I think the Rose Experiment turned out quite lovely, don’t you think? 

A New Hybrid Tea Rose that won't  die, almost eternal and will keep smelling sweet all the year through : ) 

'Raspberries and Dreams'

And the experiment revealed another secret.
As I was shaping the roses , pansies appeared . 

Raspberry Parfait

I don't think I will be working with jam any time soon , that is in art but I will most certainly be making these again and this time with food colouring and maybe paints and inks, the normal art stuff : )

Hope you liked my silly little experiment.

Here are the links to two Rose Tutorials 

Until Later, 

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