Friday, January 9, 2015

The Fairy Spider's Wardrobe

Guess what Lucy the Fairy Spider got for Christmas this year? 
Yes, her very own Wardrobe!

Lucy the Fairy Spider was so surprised on Christmas Eve to see her dream come true when she carefully unwrapped the beautifully packaged gift and discovered her one special wish for Christmas was standing there right in front of her; her very own Wardrobe!

It was even more beautiful than she had ever imagined. In the candle light of the Christmas tree the intricately designed web lacing that covered the Wardrobe shimmered and glistened like a thousand stars. 

There was no doubt in her mind from carefully examining the woodwork that it was done by a skilled craftsman who had meticulously created the beautiful armoire with love and a lot of their time and she was beyond happiness with the unique and original gift that was made just for her. Lucy thanked her uncle Ambrose for the wonderful surprise gift from the very bottom of her heart. She declared she would treasure it for always and it would become a family heirloom for centuries to come.

 In wonderment of her good fortune she had gone silent and only beamed with diamond eyes upon her splendid Wardrobe; she was sure she too had stepped into the magical land of Narnia!

The doorknob to the Wardrobe was the tiniest crystal flower.It had bamboo swirls and its shape was not in form like one might think but kind of lopsided. Whimsical was how she referred to it. A perfect shape for a Tangle Web Fairy Spider for their cobwebs are known to have quite a colourful collection of immesurable architectural designs.

But it wasn’t until she spied with her little eyes what the enchanted Wardrobe had hanging inside beyond its ornate door. With the loudest sigh she exclaimed, "Ooooh my, a Fairy Spider's Ballerina Dress, Ooh uncle!!! And she gave him the biggest hug.

She quickly took the Fairy Ballerina Dress out of the armoire and closely studied its design. It too, like the Wardrobe was beautifully made and uncanny how it mimicked a Spider’s web, maybe even her own web. It was of the finest organza fabric of a gorgeous soft grey color.
The bodice was made of embroidered fabric of little daisies touched in gilded gold. The flouncy skirt with waves running through its fiber had minute silver stars scattered about the layers and even trailed on the wispy silvery threads that hanged on the skirt and delicate spaghetti straps.

 The Fairy Ballerina Dress was resplendent in its froufrou, ostentatious and fanciful design.The wispy whimsical gown was a perfect fit for Lucy!
All that Lucy needed now was an invitation to a Fairy Spider’s Ballet Ball.

The Fairy Spider's Wardrobe with Ballerina Dress will be available to purchase in my Etsy shop very soon.

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