Friday, January 30, 2015

Always Kiss the Moon Goodnight

Graphic Design / Painting 

Gallery quality Giclée print on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag. acid and lignin archival paper using Epson K3 archival inks. Custom trimmed with 1" border for framing. 
Different sizes available. Available on  SOCIETY6

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


So what do you think? 

A simple Shop Banner for my shop CABINET OF OLD SECRET LOVES  on SOCIETY6. Nothing fancy, just a sign with my shop's name on it and a photograph I took of a stained glass Lovers Eye and Spider Pendant I made.

Didn't take me long to make, under an hour but once you know your way around Photoshop this banner can be done in a 1/4 of the time it took me. Out of practice I'm afraid.

Mean while I need to check on the correct dimensions required by Society6 to upload jpegs of artwork for printing. I want to make sure they are of the highest quality before they are ready for purchase. 

Until Later,

Monday, January 26, 2015



The year was 1786. King George IV had the artist Richard Cosway paint the eye of his secret lover , Maria Fitzherbert ; only he and his inamorata knew the secret.

The Lover's Eye became popular during the reign of King George IV when he commissioned an artist to depict a rendering of his secret lover's eye to wear in a locket secretly keeping her identity unknown.

Love, in many cases of marriage was non existent and therefore affairs of the heart were conducted in obscurity and concealment from the public eye. To keep one's love a secret and close to their heart, they wore an affectionate reminder, in this case the eyes of their paramour inside a secret locket.

Clandestine Lover's Eye Love Tokens were all the rage in 18th and 19th century. And why not , they were the perfect secret love keepers. They were virtually impossible to ever give the secret identity of the lover away!

Because of my undying adoration for eyes , spiders, webs, Victorian Gothic Ghostly Tales , EDGAR aLLAN pOE and black I dreamed up this Secret Lover's Eye series ,actually a "Haunted Secret Lovers Eye Collection".

New to my Haunted Secret Lovers Eye Collection 



A charming, whimsical and mysterious Love Token popularized by London High Society during late 1700's.

This art work will certainly strike up a conversation of curiosity both for the art work and it's inspiration.

If interested in purchasing this art print of a


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Sunday, January 25, 2015


It was some years ago when the Internet was just beginning to stretch out its spidery web that I made my very first purchase on- line. It was a Science Fiction movie for my husband’s birthday.
When it finally arrived I was surprised to find 2 of the same movie in the box, I had bought more than one and had no idea how I had managed it. There was really no reason to send the one back since it would have cost more to do the transaction but now I see that its not a bad thing after all because once the kids move out the two movies will be a perfect going away present for them. 

The Movie ~ 
The 1964 Science Fiction Classic 
 ‘Robinson Crusoe on Mars’ 
Starring Paul Mantee as Kit Draper and Victor Lundin as Friday.
 Do any of you out there remember it? I’m sure many baby boomers do.
I was quite young when I first saw this movie on TV, and when I met my husband we discovered we both had watched it as kids and fallen in love with it.

I love everything about this movie. From its marvelously designed lonely Martian landscape filmed in vast Techniscope and brilliant color to the imaginative concepts and beautifully written script. And it was no wonder to learn that some of the concepts used in RCOM were years later used in Tom Hank’s ‘Castaway’.
Of course one could never forget the little earthly creature in the space suit. The most memorable of all film monkeys to me was ‘Mona’ the astronaut monkey. I bet a lot of kids back then wanted a monkey like Mona just like I did.

There are always some memorable moments in a good movie and what one remembers is not always what another viewer might recall but with an unforgettable story some of those scenes become the movie’s trade card. Amongst the many scenes I liked of RCOM I have fondly remembered two, which have stuck with me forever. 

One of the scenes was where Draper and Friday are eating the green water plants with such delightful fervor that I couldn’t help but have the craving for the alien plant and wondered then if it also grew on Earth.

The other scene was the alien space ships tracking Friday by his wristbands and necklace he wore. A devise used by the aliens on their slave miners to keep track and control.

space gif by ~ All Kinds of Awesome 

So why have I written this post on the Sci-Fi movie? Well, you see aside from attesting to a beloved Sci-Fi film and to point out to those who have missed it, a high recommendation to watch it, it’s the relation of the movie to a certain gadget I received this weekend that stirred up my memory of the movie where I had seen something similar.

Yesterday my husband bought me a FitBit wristband. He thinks it would be a great tool to kick start my journey to a healthier me. Now everyone in the family has one and not only can we track our personal daily calorie intake, food, sleep, heart rate etc but also track each-other to keep everyone on track.

I don’t like wearing jewelry much and have never worn a watch for more than a day in all of my life and the thought of wearing a band made of plastic 24/7 and in bed didn’t appeal much to me not to mention I would be tracked. Almost like being hunted by Man Tracker lol. Then another analogy flashed before me and I recalled what Friday (the slave in RCOM) had worn, a wristband/ shackle. The aliens had put tracking devises on their miner slaves in case they escaped.
A thought occurred to me, God my husband wants me to wear a Friday Slave Band.

Well, after the first day of wearing Friday, guess what, 
I'm in the lead : )
 Already got past 10,000 points! Hooray! How long will I last? I hope long enough to meet my goal and loose 30 pounds by July /2015.

Friday ( FitBit ) so far isn’t so bad ; )
It actually shows the rest of the family that mom just doesn’t sit on the couch all day playing on the computer ….lol .
But seriously, I do hope I can keep this up; really want to loose the 30 pounds by July. Now all I have to do besides eating clean and exercising each day is make sure I keep the FitBit wristband on.
Referring to the FitBit wristband as Friday for me works. If I think of it has a wristband that can't be taken off in all likely hood there is a better chance for me to keep it on longer and that’s a good thing because this little exercise helper is like a personal trainer.

Maybe, Castaway wasn't the only one borrowing ideas from RCOM, maybe FitBit was inspired by RCOM too and I'm inspired by FitBit to work on being a healthier me. 

Wish me luck : ) 

Now guys (family) I’m taunting you : )

Until Later,

Oooh, and one more thing, I forgot to show you what the FitBit wristband looks like.

I took the picture earlier this morning since then I have once again reached the 10,000 steps for the day, actually more like 10,209.

And I just had to add this in.

Cookie Monster Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hubby and daughter baked these last week , definitely the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies I have ever eaten and just in time when I decide to watch the calories.

Oh well, something to look forward to as a special treat.

At the moment I see someone is enjoying my cookie : )

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Rose Experiment ~ Beautiful Things Happen When One Experiments a Little

Beautiful Things HappenWhen One Experiments a Little : )

I love waking up in the early morning hours when the world is still and yet not awake and if one desires company they only need to tap on a switch and connect.  

I made my coffee and then reconnected to the previous night’s reading list on my computer I had book marked before retiring to bed.
I found way too much information on art mediums and techniques, more than I could ever do in one life time but a small, quick paper craft incorporating the recycled coffee filters I had amassed in recent months stirred my desire to create the simple project. 

I began by stacking 4 to 6 coffee filters together and started cutting a spiral into the circles. I realized half way in that I had done this before only I had used wool felt. So I stopped cutting and turned my attention to how the filters were tinted in such gorgeous soft muted colours. I dug around for the food colouring they had used but alas was out of luck and had to find an alternative substitute, which led me to Raspberry jam. Yes, jam.

I know I'm kind of  crazy but I thought why not it’s just a little experiment and no harm, Its not like I was going to eat them although the perfume of raspberry is pretty darn yummy and so very tempting!

I manipulated the filters, added water, salt and some Raspberry jam, scrunched, baked and baked again creating some very interesting textures. 

It is only now I see it for what it is. 

A Rose

Romantic and so Victorian!
I think the Rose Experiment turned out quite lovely, don’t you think? 

A New Hybrid Tea Rose that won't  die, almost eternal and will keep smelling sweet all the year through : ) 

'Raspberries and Dreams'

And the experiment revealed another secret.
As I was shaping the roses , pansies appeared . 

Raspberry Parfait

I don't think I will be working with jam any time soon , that is in art but I will most certainly be making these again and this time with food colouring and maybe paints and inks, the normal art stuff : )

Hope you liked my silly little experiment.

Here are the links to two Rose Tutorials 

Until Later, 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Photograph Can Speak a Thousand Silent Words and Maybe Even Keep a Secret and a Mystery

If becoming a little slower in thinking is all I have to worry about with getting old, then I'm okay with that : )

 It wasn't until the morning after I had posted the old photograph on ~ line that I realized just how unique it was, to me that is. I had not seen the photograph more than a couple of time since it's existence. During its course since its development It had exchanged hands and continents and hands again when my parents divorced and it wasn't until a few months ago that it resurfaced and made its way back to its original keeper, me.

There is something charmingly nostalgic about a photograph of a child no matter its origin of generation. Its qualities of purity, innocence and quietude it conveys holds fast its observer and becomes their little treasure for whatever correlation it may have to their life that tugged at their heart. This particular photograph is my little treasure not only because it’s of me when I was a kid but because it dates to an important time in my life. A time that changed my world as I had known it, forever.

I had loved Italy with all my heart, my family, my grandfather and grandmother, my aunts and uncles especially my uncles who imparted their love of motorcycles unto me In their lovable ways they always gave me rides but sometimes there was a fee attached, steal some cigarettes from your mom and you can ride with me and so I did. While my mom would be sleeping after a night shift at the hospital I would sneak into her bedroom and steal her cigarettes, give them to whoever was offering the ride be it uncle Mario, uncle Miche, uncle Titti, uncle Bruno, didn't matter who, I was getting what I wanted, a motorcycle ride by the sea.

It was this picture that was responsible for tempering with my beautiful idyllic life in Italy.
I was asking my dad in America to send for us, little that I knew how different life would be. After all I was just 4 years old and I basically listened to the adults with promises of a long red convertible, fur coat and a house in the country.

When the day had come to leave Italy for good and fly to Canada I cried uncontrollably. I remember it so clearly. I didn't want to go anymore. It wasn't America and there be no more motorcycle rides with my uncles. 
Anyway, that was a very, very long time ago but see how a picture can stir so many memories and speak a thousand silent words and maybe even keep a secret and a mystery.

To this day I have no idea why I was holding a Pigeon but I remember hearing a story that my uncles or one of my uncles liked shooting Pigeons for food; apparantly frying them in a pan was the preferred way of cooking them.

I sure hope I wasn't holding on to the chubby feathery little fella for someones meal.

 Dear Dad,
Hope you like the photograph.
Let us come to America soon.
Your Anna xxxxxx

 In 1961 a quiet communiqué written on the back of a photograph of a little girl holding a Pigeon in her arms was flown on a silver bird to the other side of the world carrying a message from a daughter in Italy to a father in America. She decided against sending the bird for the long voyage.

Years have passed since then. I met my French Canadian husband because of a motorcycle ride one night, that’s another story, got a Canada Goose jacket instead of a fur coat, bought a bungalow in the country (not far enough) and a Ford 150. The choice was right to make the enormous move and from time to time I do miss my place of birth and the family I left behind but Canada is now my home and will forever be.

Until later Anna

Sometimes a haunting melody can make quiet an impression ~^..^~
Thanks to Vic Mizzy for creating such unforgettable soundtracks and to Hollis Kim for sharing this fab rendition of the Haunted Organ from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken ….will always luv listening to it, no matter the time of year but especially great in the month of October


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