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Once Upon a Pumpkin Fairytale ~ Halloween yet ?

A few Halloweens ago I made this FairyTale Pumpkin ( a real one ) for Halloween .
"Cinderella's Haunted Ride " was a blast to create and my Antique collectible Victorian picture frames  suited the Ancient gourd nicely in creating the carriage's whimsical windows and door.
If you want to try your hand at growing these Very Old French Heirloom Cinderella Whimsical Pumpkins, I suggest buying the seeds from this organic grower in the states. I recently found them on Etsy...Kenyon Organics FairyTale Pumpkin Seeds ..... I will soon be ordering some for myself to grow next year. 

And now for a different take on Whimsical Pumpkins that last a little longer than the real thing, that's if you can't wait for their return in Autumn. Myself I luv them both, especially the real ones ; )

Fairytale Pumpkins are Magical and Whimsical and perfect for any decor in my mind especially when created in worn tattered vintage fabrics like I have done here.

Last Autumn I asked a local pumpkin farmer for the remaining pumpkin stems lying out in his field and lucky me I just got hold of him before he was turning them over that afternoon.
I made a few pumpkins and the rest of the stems I stashed away for a later time.

 Well, it seems Harvest and Halloween isn't too far from my mind these days and the month of August would seem ideal time to get started on this particular home decor but alas I'm afraid I am running late and out of time for you see I have a date to meet this coming October. I have been asked to have a showing at my town's library.I had one this past January but since much of my work has some sort of magic element to it the committee thought it would be perfect for an Autumn show.
And so I am busily getting ready for it and conjuring up some magic .....

Double Double Toil and Trouble
Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble!!!!

Yes, double toil....... and trouble following me along the way.
Too many side tracks interrupting the flow of artistic endeavours, NOT TO MENTION THE HEAT.....NO AC...HAHA : ( Well at least I had a reprieve from the heat yesterday after getting caught in the down pour as we were picking up cut grass. I was so covered in the green stuff and it felt icky so I quickly rinsed myself off partially in my bird bath...but it too was almost like a cauldron :) I spotted the blocked spout of the roof and took a shower underneath it....ahhhhhh relief and so much cooler, I felt better : ) and was abled to carry on with my agenda.....hooray!!!

It has been many months since I participated in Paint Party Friday and terribly miss the interaction with my fellow artists. The warm seasons here in Canada aren't to be taken for granted and when we have such beautiful weather there is nothing else to do but to enjoy the outdoors; in my case early mornings and evenings when it is cool and because of the weather much has taken a back seat for the regrets.
So now needless to say, I am behind schedule and must double my work load, still within certain restrictions; a good work can't be rushed!

Fairytale Pumpkins have been around for many , many years and in many shapes and forms and probably the tomatoe pin cushion is a smaller version of the stuffed pumpkins of today.
I have a book titled "Two ~ Hour No Sew Decorating " by Diana Dunkley.
In it, she has a section titled "Autumn Harvest" with whimsical pumpkins you can create. She doesn't sew hers and I probably would have done it her way if I didn't know how to sew a few stitches but I gathered the patience and learned to sew and now throughly enjoy the total process.
It is a matter of trying something out first before turning your back to it, or you'll never know what you missed if you didn't give a try.

So here now is one of my whimsical pumpkins.
Cottage country, whimsical, enchanting, romantic, no matter the style, it is after all a FairyTale Pumpkin that welcomes all upon entering the threshold of a house to think "There's No Place Like Home "; )

Some more pictures to enjoy....

Hand dyed seam binding

Boiled Wool handmade roses and hearts

Vintage Antique tea dyed lace with embroidered swallows and posies  and vintage millenary cream  flowers...can you spot the butterfly?

Tiny heart made from boiled wool and tea dyed seam binding bow...adore it's whimsy

Many Tiny Hearts.. for more pumpkins in the works

If you are interested in purchasing this pumpkin please see here: FairyTale Pumpkin


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