Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hunting for Treasures

What Treasures do You Hunt for???

A Florentine art work of a miniature book on a green velvet mat beautifully framed in a most lovely gilded gold picture frame.


Two Portraits from Florence Italy in gilded gold frames.
The one on the left is Hand of Man by Andrea Del Sarto
and the one to your right is Head of Woman by Leonardo Da Vinci

Treasures to Me......Much of what I collect is to use in my art work especially old vintage jewellery
and the old frames for spiders and webs; although some of these portraits and landscapes will be purely for admiring and inspiring.

 A lovely collection of vintage art and some not so very old like the girl in the wood miniature print on canvas "The Serenity of Solitude" by Cliff Sanderson printed in Italy. Unfortunately the canvas is a bit too big for the lovely gilded gold bird frame that I photographed it in. The silver paste heart I think is a scarf pin but I'm not so sure....any thoughts?

My Eye was Fooled

At first glance this photograph of an old farm house in an elaborate frame evokes a feeling of a by- gone era that survived many years, yet on a closer look the truth unfolds and exposes the reproduction.
I will be using this picture for another spider and will be a great new home for Aunt Nancy.

A diamond paper weight from Winners bought at a yard sale, an amethyst from a thrift store, and very old bottles found at a fundraiser for kid's camp....... Loving the aqua blue bottle.

Another Fool the Eye...Satin Glass or Velvet Glass

This glass will fool you every time if viewed out of the light....It will look black in colour,
but once it is placed in the light the true colour will be revealed....the beautiful colour purple.

Next time I remember I will post some glass in the sunlight.

Madonna on a Blue Velvet Mat

The clear bottle has Paris and a bouquet of roses embossed in the glass. I may do a sculpture with this one but not a shell, something different.

Spider Jewels

This vintage brooch will become Aunt Nancy the Spider ...Lots of pretty crystals , a tole rose brooch and gorgeous pearls.  I'll be busy creating much with this lot!

I can already visualize Aunt Nancy the Spider on that Old Farm House Photograph.....Come to think of it, I have much to complete and continue visiting PPF posts....

I have always wanted this beautiful romantic Nymph and whimsical crocheted miniature umbrella.
The Nymph I found a while ago and this umbrella a few weeks ago. The black kitty-cat vase was found in Bishops Mills. The lady who was having the sale is a member of the Red Hat Society and it just so happened that she had a box full of vintage hats and one of them was a tiny red velvet hat she apparently decided earlier on before the start of the sale that she wasn't going to sell it but rather wear it herself; a great decision on her part for it really and truly looked lovely on her , not anything like Princess Beatrice's Royal wedding, I hated that hat; anyway, back to the kitty I found. It just seemed to be waiting for me for I walked by it a few times and didn't notice what it was since it was face down in the grass by the sales table but on my last walk through I decided to pick it up and discovered it was a heavy kitty cat vase and since it had a chipped ear the lovely Red Hat Society gal gave it to me for free. I now use it for my tiny paint brushes and pussy cat purrfectly charms my table while holding my paint brushes ~^..^~ .... little things make me smile!

I did find a white hat with velvet forget-me-nots in the box but forgot to take a picture of it and I also forgot to take a picture of two framed art pieces , one an embroidery of an Airedale and the other of a terrier with a cute and sentimental poem written beside him....... Next show and tell {: )

A Beautiful Treasure Find !

A Little Black Purse to match my Little Black Dress that doesn't fit any more .... {: (
Well , Im guilty of eating too many sweets, carrot cake with cream cheese icing and butter tarts....need to stop and get back on track!
Luckily this purse is perfect for holding lots of silver and some treats but they wouldn't be sharing the space this time....need all the money I can get to go hunting for Treasures in Pinawa, Manitoba come Monday. I'll be gone for five days and on my return Friday I will be heading out later in the evening to " Hey Day" a fabulous Treasure Sale run by the Kemptville Hospital Auxiliary....Great place to find just that perfect Gem!

So I wouldn't be checking in on PPF Posts till the following day on Saturday although I hope to have something done by then to post for lucky #....I better have something!

I hope you've enjoyed my Show and Tell of Found Treasures..... I have so much more to show!

Until next time, DO WHAT YOU LOVE! Annabelle {: )

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Anonymous said...

wow thats a whole lot of beautiful,, I love amethyst,, I just feel good with it by me,,I'm lucky to have a nice hunk,, I've enjoyed this post,, thanks for sharing,

Sometimes a haunting melody can make quiet an impression ~^..^~
Thanks to Vic Mizzy for creating such unforgettable soundtracks and to Hollis Kim for sharing this fab rendition of the Haunted Organ from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken ….will always luv listening to it, no matter the time of year but especially great in the month of October


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